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"people-oriented, Science and technology prospering corporation, Honest management, Meticulously in building the Hengli brand"

Held at the end of eighteen, "2012 big" clearly put forward: "science and technology innovation is to improve the social productive forces and the comprehensive national strength of the strategic support, must be placed in the country's overall development of the core position." Stressed the need to adhere to the road of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy. This is a major decision, based on the overall situation of our party have the whole world in view and future made.

Study and implement the spirit of the 18, will be planning and global vision to promote independent innovation, strive to enhance innovation driven development new impetus to accelerate the formation of a new mode of economic development, promote scientific development of economy and society, taking the lead in development.

"Innovation driven development" strategy has two meanings:

First, China's future development depends on science and technology innovation driven, rather than the traditional labor force and resource driven;

Two is the purpose of innovation is to drive development, rather than in order to publish a high level of paper.

2006 National Science and Technology Conference and 17th mostly clearly put forward the development of science and technology to closely focus on the social and economic development as the central task, to address the constraints of economic and social development of the key issues, especially clearly put forward to build the innovation system with enterprises as the main body, take the market as the guidance, the combination of industry, University and Research Institute, allow enterprises to become the main innovation. High technology is no longer an independent development of the industry, but to a comprehensive combination of traditional industries. Eighteen "innovation driven development" is a brilliant summary of the above understanding, but also for the scientific research personnel to provide a broad stage.

Implementation of innovation driven development strategy, technological innovation in the core position of the overall development of the country to achieve the 2020 goal of entering the ranks of an innovation oriented country, we must fully understand the implementation of innovation driven development strategy is of great significance, to seize the key to form a joint force.

The implementation of innovation driven development strategy for China to form a new competitive advantage of international competition, and enhance the long-term dynamics of the development of strategic significance. Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's rapid economic development is mainly due to the low cost of labor and resource environment. Enter a new stage of development, China's low cost advantage in the international gradually disappear. Compared with the low cost advantage, the technology innovation has the characteristic of non easy imitation and high added value, so it has a long lasting time and strong competition ability. The implementation of innovation driven development strategy, accelerate the realization of the transformation from low cost advantage to innovation advantage, can provide a powerful driving force for sustainable development in china.

The implementation of innovation driven development strategy, to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode has practical significance. Science and technology innovation has a multiplier effect, not only can be directly translated into real productivity, but also through the role of science and technology to enlarge the productivity of the factors of production, improve the overall level of social productivity. Implementation of innovation driven development strategy, can comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of China's economic growth, a strong impetus to the transformation of economic development.

The implementation of innovation driven development strategy, to reduce the energy consumption of resources, improve the ecological environment, build a beautiful China has a long-term significance. The implementation of innovation driven development strategy, accelerate industrial technology innovation, the use of high technology and advanced applicable technologies to transform and upgrade traditional industries can reduce consumption, reduce pollution, change the excessive consumption of resources, the development model of environmental pollution, but also can enhance the competitiveness of the industry.