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Plastic recycling machine


SWL mainly used to transform the plastic waste into reusable raw material, to reduce the production waste and meet the requirement of energy conservation and environmental protection. SWL is designed by module and controlled by professional software to ensure high level of production safety. SWL speed can be adjusted automatically to make uniform and high quality recyclable plastic particles.

1.Automatic material-feeding device: adopt the technology of automatically feeding material, make estimation of feeding material or not based on feedback signal sent by material level sensor. Material-feeding time and quantity is controlled automatically instead of manually to keep stability of melting capacity and simplify the manual operation.  
2.Crushing device: connected with floating type gearbox to reduce the damage for shaft caused by grinding vibration.  
3.Exhaust type extruder: using direct driven motor, constant torque output can keep stability of extruder operation and also save more space than the type of motor with gearbox.  
4.Automatic filter system: double position filter will change the filter screen alternately, which will bring less pressure vibration than single position filter in order to keep stability of changing filter screen.  
5.Particle-cutting device: particle-cutting will be more smooth by adopting elastic contact way between blade and die, changing air pressure value and adjust front and rear position.

 Products PIC:

  Technical data:

Type  SWL65x150SWL85x300SWL105x500
CutterMotor cutterkw375590
ExtruderScrew diametermm6585105
 Screw lengthL/D37:137:137:1
 DST motorN·m367051006300
Downstream equipment     
High vacuum execution  
Water ring pelletiser  

Because of the continuous design improvement, some specification change may not be prior notice.