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"people-oriented, Science and technology prospering corporation, Honest management, Meticulously in building the Hengli brand"

LVD AXEL 3051s laser cuts Machining Center

- This machine's maximum power is 4KW and the processing range is 3000mm×1500mm.

- This machine is used in cutting carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel, metal material such as galvanized sheet and some special nonmetallic material.
- For it has three kinds lens with different focus, and the machining bound is comparatively wider.The carbon steel plate's thickness can reach 25 mm, the aluminum sheet can reach 12mm.
- It's strongpoint of the machine is its high speed and precision, the precision is high (can reach 0.01mm), effective to cutting the plate work pieces with complex shape.
- This machine mainly used in cutting our series of metal plate work pieces, such as wallboard, sideboard, connect plate, and so on.

NICOLAS CORREA FP-50 5-Axis linkages Bride-type Machining Center

- This machine is base on the ideas of high rigidity, high accuracy and high reliability, introduces the unique configuration and design of NICOLAS CORREA company (such as adopt the configuration of huge size, enchase steel quenching polishing guide rail and all kinds of collocation to suit different machining demands),to guaranteed the perfect harmony between precision ,rigidity of the machine tool and its processing ability.
-  This machine has C5E 5-Axis linkage head, automatic head change system, and automatic tool change system.
- This machine is used in all kinds of accessories with huge bulk and high precision.
- This machine is used to produce most of the main parts,such as T die, wallboard, cam, backboard of baking oven and so on.

DMU 100T Machining Center of DMG

-  Accommodates up to 5-sided complete machining/on up to 5 axes
- Makes use of adjusted tools for mold making possible
- Digital drives and re-circulating roller guides in all axes
- Various motor spindles to make good use of modern tool technology
- Comes equipped to suit your standard production requirements
- Other available options are coolant-thru-the-spindle (580 psi) with gap-sieve or paper-band filter, rotating viewing glass, and chip flushing mechanism, as well as an additional scrape-belt chip-conveyor

DMU 100T 5-axes machining center is processing the curved surface part

  DMC 50V Vertical Machining Center of DMG

- Vertical machining centre with consistent standardisation and a simple, reliable design concept for a particularly low price-performance ratio
- High productivity and manufacturing quality are ensured by the robust design, anti-friction guideways, and exclusively digital drive technology
- Applications include operations in workshops and production halls, the direct supply of lathes, and tool construction.

DMC 50V vertical machining center is processing high precision part